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Kapwrestling is a full service tournament management company.


KapWrestling sees every event as a partnership and your event's success is our success. Over the course of the last 20 years, KapWrestling has been elevating the level of hundreds of wrestling tournaments. We at KapWrestling have been in the shoes of wrestlers, coaches, and family at wrestling events, and we know how long and confusing the days can get. KapWrestling prides itself in looking after every detail of a wrestling tournament to make the experience as exciting as the sport itself. We pride ourselves in making every event a premier event.



For more than 20 years, KapWrestling has been running tournaments all over the US. KapWrestling's first tournament in 1995, was the Hammond Invitational in Columbia, MD, which later was taken over by Mount Mat Madness.  KapWrestling started out with just Desi Kaplan and for the first 8 years he ran tournaments with just a computer and printer. In 2003, Larry Kaplan joined Desi and KapWrestling started to grow. Desi started writing custom software to improve the quality of the tournaments. In 2007, Desi partnered with Sikora Soft Systems and began running paperless tournaments and writing web based software to provide real time results to the wrestling community. In 2010, KapWrestling launched an interactive live brackets and results website, kapwrestling.net. By 2011, KapWrestling continued to grow and Peter Marcolini joined us running tournaments. Over the last 10 years KapWrestling has run more than 600 paperless tournaments, has become the largest tournament operation service in New England, and has become the tournament management partner of choice in many states. In October of 2014, we lost Larry Kaplan to pancreatic cancer. During the 2014 season, we realized if were going to grow more we needed to partner with a company that would allow us to leverage more software resources. In the summer of 2015, KapWrestling partnered with FloWrestling and in October 2015 FloArena was officially released.  In our first season with FloWrestling, we have doubled the number of tournaments we work with and more than doubled our team of tournament organizers. The last 20 years have been awesome and together with the passion of our team and the partnership with FloWrestling we can't wait to show you where the next 20 years will take us.  

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