2015-2016 Tournaments Roster Entry Links


D1 North http://www.kapwrestling.com/D1North/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D1 Central http://www.kapwrestling.com/D1Central/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D1 South http://www.kapwrestling.com/D1South/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D1 West http://www.kapwrestling.com/D1West/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D2 North http://www.kapwrestling.com/D2North/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D2 Central http://www.kapwrestling.com/D2Central/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D2 South http://www.kapwrestling.com/D2South/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D2 Metro http://www.kapwrestling.com/D2Metro/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D3 North http://www.kapwrestling.com/D3North/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D3 Central http://www.kapwrestling.com/D3Central/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D3 South http://www.kapwrestling.com/D3South/ 2/9/2016 10pm
D3 West http://www.kapwrestling.com/D3West/ 2/5/2016 10pm
MYWA Youth Section http://d5registration.com/massyouthleague/ 2/7/2016 10pm

Directions on how to use the team roster entry program can be located HERE

If you are a coach and have questions about entering your roster please Email us at info@kapwrestling.net and include the tournament name in the subject.